15 Questions I'm Quite Frankly Desperate For The Last Two Episodes Of “Stranger Things 4” To Answer

Let’s assume that all of the kids — Erica, Lucas, Max, Dustin, Will, and El — are safe, because assuming otherwise would make it difficult to see what I’m typing through my tears. 

I don’t think it’s going to be Hopper, since he already got a death scene and he shouldn’t be greedy, and I don’t think it’ll be Joyce, either, because Winona Ryder. And no, I don’t mean “because she’s played by Winona Ryder.” I mean because of Winona Ryder. It could be Murray, but now that he knows karate, it’s difficult to imagine any creature capable of killing him. 

Out of everyone, I think Steve, Jonathan, Nancy, Robin, Argyle, and Eddie, aka the teens, are in the most danger. Eddie was only introduced this season, and killing off such a new and instantly beloved character would deliver an emotional punch without shaking up the status quo; the same goes for Argyle. Jonathan notably hasn’t had much to do this season, and something bad hasn’t happened to Will in, like, ten minutes, which is practically a decade in Stranger Things time, so losing his older brother might be next on the trauma docket for him. And when we last see Nancy she’s in the clutches of Vecna. Meanwhile, Steve is pretty badly injured, and in the trailer for the last two episodes of the season, Robin worries, “It might not work out for us this time.” 

That’s not the sort of attitude you want to bring into a fight for humanity’s survival, and it’s making me nervous. 

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