27 Pieces Of Furniture And Decor From Amazon With Such Good Reviews, You’ll Probably Want To Own Them Yourself

19. A vibrant pendant light that’ll literally ~brighten~ up your home. Just imagine how happy you’ll feel switching this on, especially on a dreary day. The colorful shapes and shadows it casts are an extra bonus and make it perfect for hanging in a corner., Amazon

Promising review: “I absolutely adore this lamp as the perfect accent to my reading/cat/sun nook. I’ve had it just over a week and I’ve read four books that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise — I’m just so cozy in the glow. Received within two days, install was simple as. It is in fact very petite — be sure you’ve checked out its dimensions. Very well packaged, and everything fit together simply and snugly. It’s perfectly gorgeous. Someone put some love into this bad boy — every tile and bead is dead on. The metal bits are well made and secure, the dangle charm is smooth and the same on both sides, and the chain does wonders for making the cord look better. But it is *not* a reading lamp. I did find a proper E12 chandelier bulb for it immediately, which gave it a nice glow — about what you’d expect from an ambitious nightlight. But while grocery shopping, I happened to see a 40-watt Edison bulb on clearance and thought to myself, ‘hmm, that looks like the same size base.’ So I took the chance and voilà, it fit. And was dazzling. Now I’ve got the light kaleidoscoping shimmer on the walls and a beautiful warm glow that’s perfect for dozing off with a kitty on my chest.” —Kat

Price: $54.80 (available in eight colors)

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