A 15-Year-Old Girl Was Killed In A Shootout Between Sheriff's Deputies And Her Father After He Kidnapped Her

As deputies went to investigate the vehicle, a pursuit began. According to Dicus, Graziano began firing at the deputies, “putting several rounds through the window of the patrol unit.”

The pursuit continued from Highway 58 to Interstate 15, where a second police unit became involved. That vehicle was shortly disabled by Graziano’s gunfire, Dicus said.

The sheriff described a firefight as deputies tried to contain Graziano’s truck, which ultimately stopped off road in Hesperia. Someone in tactical gear and a helmet then got out of the passenger side started to run toward the sheriff’s deputies as gunfire continued to be exchanged, he said.

The person collapsed before reaching deputies, and authorities then identified Savannah Graziano. Dicus did not say if the shot that killed her was fired by her father or by deputies.

Anthony Graziano was also killed in the shootout.

“This investigation is going to take at least 24 hours before we’re able to provide you with more information as to what happened and exactly what the circumstances are as it relates to the officer-involved situation,” Dicus said during the press conference. “But at this time, both Anthony Graziano and Savannah are deceased.”

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