About Us

360viralhits is completely different from other news and media sites and extremely powerful ultimate viral content worldwide. Designed in detail for news, magazine, forums, and community. Users can also publish posts like news stories, virals happenings around them, playful post (GIF, memes, comedy), quiz, polls, music, images, videos and many more with 360viralhits easily and has access to tons of customizations and features; Beautiful design, continuously adding features.

Contact Address

Address: Lekki Phase 1, Mainland, Lagos, Phone: +(234) 915 409 5500, Email: info@360viralhits.com


  • Frontend Post Submission :
    Frontend post submission tool which helps you and your users to create stories, viral posting, personality and trivia quizzes, checklist, poll, versus poll, list, convo, flipcard, before&after, video, audio, image, and Gif post types immediately from the frontend.
  • Post View Counter :
    We branch most popular view counter sites so we can put these features inside our site. You can use popular view by week, month, or year.​
  • Community Forum :
    Live community! is just the right places to help you, While you’re working on your content, people can discuss your article on the website’s forum.​
  • Shopping Cart :
    Open a store inside your account from the Shop page, a popular marketplace to buy and sell. In addition, we even created a custom skin for products, so its feature can blend into 360viralhits design smoothly.​

Post and Earn

By posting any contents and performing some activities you will be gaining some points that will show in your account dashboard, and once your point reaches some threshold (1000) you can then withdraw to your PayPal account.

Note: User must have PayPal, if don’t is free and easy to create one here.

Activties and their Reward

  1. Sign up or Registration :
    New user joining will get automatically get 10 points
  2. Invites :
    New User joining through the invite link emailed to them will automatically get 10 points and the invitee get 5 points
  3. Completing your Profile Info:
    Completing your all the profile info will automatically get 10 points
  4. Publishing Post :
    We reward you with 10 points for posting to any of the categories
  5. Forum section :
    Each activities you perform in the forum section has their point rewards e.g creating new topics, replying to topics etc.
  6. Share Post :
    When you share any of the post to any of your social media accounts you will automatically get 5 points
  7. Upvoting or Downvoting and leaving a Reaction on a post :
    We reward you for upvoting or downvoting and also for leaving your reaction on a post
  8. Commenting on a post:
    We reward you with 5 points for comment on any of the post
  9. Following and Followers :
    Following and Followers will automatically get 2 points
  10. Daily site visit :
    We automatically reward you with 2 points for daily visiting us or your accout

Ranks and Badges

In addition, we have automatic ranks and badges rewards for users according to their levels and points reach, in user account dashboard.


Any action you take upon the information you find here is strictly at your own risk. Every 360viralhits member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on 360viralhits. Go our Terms and Condition.