Brands Are Phoning It In With One-Word Tweets And It Makes Sense Because We All Need A Little Summer Break

“No better indicator of SMMs needing a long weekend than this single word tweet trend. just absolutely phoning it in and i love it,” tweeted Shelby Jacobs, senior social strategist for Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish at Dentsu Creative. “I hope it’s everyone’s best performing tweet of the quarter if not the year.”

“​​The rare ‘we won’t need a single approval for this’ trend is always a strong one,” tweeted Josh Stein, a social media manager for Microsoft. The Xbox account retweeted its own tweet of just the word “Xbox” that was originally posted in 2019.

Social media managers from various large brands told me on Twitter they feel “burnt out” and they’re “just doing our best” with this one.

“It’s always fun to see which trends brand accounts jump on and which they don’t,” Alexa Heinrich and Austin Braun, the two social media managers who curate industry drama for Social Media Tea, told BuzzFeed News in a statement via DM. “The one-word tweet trend is kind of an ideal one for social media professionals because it’s wonderfully simple, yet wildly engaging. It’s a trend that not even legal can take issue with!”

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