I Don’t Care About The iPhone 14 Because Chris Pine Uses A Disposable Camera

If you have not been feverishly refreshing 9to5 Mac for the last two weeks instead of catching up with real news, there is dazzlingly delicious drama surrounding the press tour and release of the Olivia Wilde–directed thriller.

Rumors of tension between Wilde and Pugh, Wilde dating (or no longer dating?) star Harry Styles, an entire side quest with Shia LeBeouf. So when the cast finally had to get together for the red carpet, Pugh goofing off with costars Chris Pine and Nick Kroll while not acknowledging Styles or Wilde was, uh…absolutely intriguing.

But the real star for me? Chris Pine’s red disposable camera.

This whole Venice fiasco has turned Pine into something of a meme and cemented his place atop the Best Chris rankings. His stylish outfits, his relatable zoned-out look during a press conference, and his expression when it appeared that Harry Styles spit on him (something about 20% of the monthly active users on Elon Musk’s Twitter have been clamoring for Styles to do to them for years) — great, we all love it, we love him and his vibes.

But for me? It’s his camera. For years, the phrase “the best camera is the one you have in your pocket” has been meant to justify using your smartphone camera over a separate digital or film camera. No longer. I want a disposable camera where I won’t know what the photos look like until two weeks after I remember to take it to CVS. I want to be surprised when they come out shitty or hauntingly beautiful. I want my dear friend Florence to ask me to get doubles printed so I can give her copies.

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