If You Were Laid Off From A Tech Company And Are On A US Work Visa, We Want To Hear Your Story

The looming economic recession has spooked the tech industry. According to Crunchbase, technology companies in the US have cut more than 52,000 jobs so far this year.

Tech companies rely heavily on US work visas to staff up, but when layoffs happen, employees on visas are hit particularly hard. They have 60 days (or less) to find another job or uproot their entire lives and move themselves and their families back home. Sometimes this means abruptly pulling their kids from school. Sometimes it means a partner with a visa linked to theirs has to quit their job.

If you’re a tech worker on a work visa who was recently laid off, I’d like to speak to you. Maybe you worked at Twitter, Microsoft, or Peloton. Or Snap. Or Coinbase. Or Intel. Or Stripe. Or Lyft. Or Robinhood. Or any number of other companies.

Did you find a new job? Are you still looking? What are you going through, financially, emotionally, or otherwise?

I’ll never share your name or other personal details without your permission. Telling your story is telling the stories of thousands of others like you.

If you’d like me to reach out to you confidentially, please fill out this Google Form.

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