I'm Cringing And Laughing At Brandy Scolding Ray J For His Bad Vocals During His Verzuz Performance

This week, Mario and Omarion faced off in the latest Verzuz battle.

The pre-show featured other celeb performances, namely Ray J, who, uh, didn’t exactly deliver.

close up of Ray J performing while holding his kid

Verzuz / Via Atlantic Records

Listen, Ray J has hits and we love his music, but his voice was definitely not in good shape. He struggled and strained through his performance of “One Wish,” while holding his baby:

Verzuz / Via Atlantic Records

“I missed a few notes on that, but I was holding my son. Y’all gotta excuse me for that,” Ray J said a few moments later. “I’ll make up for it…I heard it too.”

Ray J performing

Verzuz / Via Atlantic Records

The performance even became a meme with some people recreating the off-key moment. Ray J even re-shared one on his page:

the video of someone pretending to be him with a fake baby in their arm

And his sister, Brandy — who just so happens to have an A+, warm, agile, signature voice — hopped in the comments to scold her brother for the vocals and even told him to stop deleting her comments.

Christian Petersen / Getty Images

“Since we deleting comments, I will comment again! Bro, Pops told me that you didn’t drink none of the tea I made for you,” she wrote. “He also told me that you were talking all day when I specifically said NO TALKING and only drink water and the special tea I made for you at 4 in the freaking morning. Caught!”

Brandy smiling

Leon Bennett / Getty Images for BET

“If I had one wish, you would listen to your big sis sometimes and especially for Verzuz,” Brandy continued. “SMH. When I get off of vocal rest, we are gonna have a serious conversation. And I’m gonna screenshot this comment in case you try and delete it again — and I will post again.”

Brandy at an event

Leon Bennett / Getty Images for BET

I am DONE. So awk, yet so funny. I love Brandy. She is truly a good big sis.

Brandy and Ray J posing for a photo

Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

Ray J hasn’t written her back on IG, but we’ll update you if he does.

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