Photos Of The Cambridge Kids That Show They Have A Sort Of Royal Uniform

As a longtime royal reporter, I knew this wasn’t the first time that we’ve seen a Cambridge child in the same outfit as — or a very similar one to something worn by — William or his brother Prince Harry.

But this little sailor suit piqued my curiosity. All in all, how many outfits from recent(ish) royal history have been reworn? And, more importantly, could you learn anything about the Cambridges or the royal family by going through photo archives and paying attention to what George, Charlotte, and Louis are wearing?

I attempt to answer that question — with help from one of the internet’s authorities on royal fashion — in the latest edition of my newsletter, The Royal Tea.

But tl;dr: There appears to be a royal template of sorts from which all three Cambridge children are styled. A deliberate sartorial strategy, a certain look that you can track across the years.

The Cambridge child’s royal uniform is timeless — and I’m being specific when I say that. This isn’t a generic “royal kids dress this way” kind of thing. The repeated outfits like the sailor suit notwithstanding, young William and Harry were photographed in styles of clothing that we’ve never seen on the Cambridges.

Like this all-denim look from October 1991 and (American!) sports team t-shirt from July 1986.

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