Streamer And Adult Performer Adriana Chechik Says She Broke Her Back In The Foam Pit At TwitchCon

SAN DIEGO — Adriana Chechik, a popular Twitch streamer and adult performer, said she broke her back after leaping into a foam pit at TwitchCon in San Diego on Saturday.

“Well, I broke my back in two places and am getting surgery to put a meter rod in for support today. Send your support,” Chechik wrote on her Twitter account early Sunday. “When it rains it pours and I am definitely feeling the rain right now.”

Video of the moment that was captured on a livestream, then shared to Reddit and social media, showed the end of a foam sword fight between Chechik and a person who later identified themself as gaming streamer EdyBot.

After EdyBot falls into the pit, Chechik celebrates by jumping into the air off a small podium, doing the splits, and landing on her tailbone. She immediately writhes in pain, tries to exit, and then collapses into the foam.

When BuzzFeed News visited the foam pit Sunday, it was closed, but it had been open earlier in the day. The foam pieces felt somewhat squishy but were still rather firm, and BuzzFeed News estimated the pit was less than 2 feet deep at one point. Some kind of mat appeared to be underneath the foam, covering the convention center’s concrete floor.

According to one British manufacturer of foam pits, standard gymnastic pits should be at least 6 feet deep, with base pit-liner foam to help absorb shock. USA Gymnastics has said that foam pits vary from 4 to 8 feet in depth and are typically built on a trampoline foundation.

A volunteer at the Lenovo booth declined to identify themself, saying they were not authorized to speak with the media, but did say, “They have rules [for the foam pit] and they explained the rules.”

A person who said they worked for the builder of the booth and who also declined to identify themself told BuzzFeed News only, “We won’t be adding any comment at this time.”

Representatives from Lenovo didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment, while a Twitch spokesperson said they had no comment as of Sunday afternoon because they were trying to gather more information.

Convention volunteer Umberto Perez, 33, told BuzzFeed News that he’d been near the pit Saturday. “I just saw paramedics come by twice,” Perez said.

Edgar Jimenez, 31, another convention volunteer, said he witnessed Chechik’s injury.

“She was just doing regular game play, but unfortunately, during her victory dance, she fell and landed, where she was for a good minute or so,” Jimenez said.

Chechik has more than 3.8 million followers on Instagram and over 801,000 on Twitch, where she streams herself playing games, making ASMR content, and performing stunts.

She has repeatedly been a nominee for Female Performer of the Year at the Adult Video News Awards porn awards.

Steffi Cao reported from TwitchCon in San Diego, while David Mack reported from New York City.

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