Sweatproof Your Makeup On Hot Days With These Influencer-Tested Products

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If you’ve been struggling with high summer temperatures, one problem — for those who wear it — may be sweating your makeup off the second you leave the house.

Sure, there are bigger issues surrounding extreme heat, but looking good helps you feel good, and feeling good never hurts. And while we can’t necessarily prevent sweating, there are some tips and products that help makeup stay put through the hottest of days.

“​​It’s a lot about prepping the skin before applying makeup,” said Marj Maroket, a 28-year-old beauty content creator living in the Philippines. Given the year-round tropical climate, Maroket’s a pro when it comes to makeup that can withstand heat and humidity.

To avoid adding in any more oil, Maroket advises keeping your skincare relatively simple. Her routine includes cleansing, toning, and applying a hydrating serum and a lightweight moisturizer before priming for makeup.

Fellow beauty content creator Marissa Spagnoli agrees that a sweatproof makeup look really starts with the skin.

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