The YouTube Channel Streaming Alex Jones’s Trial Disabled The Chat Because Of Threats To Sandy Hook Victims' Families

As always on Law & Crime’s streams, there are hundreds of active and colorful commenters, but trial viewers and Twitter users had noted from day one that the chat was littered with the same conspiracy theories that Jones now faces paying damages for.

The chat was so overrun with people making threats toward the victims’ families and suggesting that the shooting had never occurred that the Law & Crime channel disabled the chat function on Tuesday and removed archived chats from the previous days’ trial livestreams as well.

When reached for comment, Law & Crime provided us with the following: “Law & Crime’s YouTube channel has a robust and engaged comments section where, on a daily basis, thousands of commenters come to discuss and debate the day’s legal events and trials. Unfortunately, as the Alex Jones trial got underway, we noticed a disturbing number of commenters making threatening comments including harassment towards the victims’ families. As a result, we decided to disable the comments section for this trial. Despite having covered many controversial cases, we have never before taken such a drastic measure. It also was not a tough call here.” – Rachel Stockman, President at Law & Crime”

The livestream video on Tuesday morning included this note: “L&C has turned off the comments section on the Alex Jones stream due to threatening comments toward victims’ families.”

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