This Is What I Read And Watch To Combat Wintertime Anguish


Rami Malek’s inexplicable presence in Breaking Dawn: Part 2. I recently had the extraordinary joy of watching the final installment of the Twilight film series. While there are a number of mind-bending twists in the movie, my favorite was seeing Malek pop up onscreen to play Benjamin, an Egyptian vampire who can manipulate fire, water, earth, and air. Today, Malek is a 41-year-old Academy Award winner. But we shouldn’t — nay, we can’t — ever forget this crucial chapter of his career.


“Invincible” by Omar Apollo. I’m having a big love affair with Apollo’s whole Ivory album right now, but especially this track as of late. I adore the sparse drums kicking over Apollo’s crooning, I adore the braggadocio of name-dropping Salvatore Ferragamo in a song about a crush, and I adore the tender admission of wishing said crush would put you out of your misery already. What a rush.

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