Trailers For Harry And Meghan’s Netflix Docuseries Use Stock Footage Of Photographers To Show The Couple’s Relationship With The Media, And People Are Calling It Misleading

Excluding all of the footage from unrelated events, one particular clip from Monday’s trailer was called out by multiple journalists for being misleading. The footage in question appears 22 seconds into the trailer and shows photographers leaning over a balcony to capture pictures of Harry, Meghan, and their baby son Archie, who is being held in his mother’s arms.

In a tweet, Evening Standard royal reporter Robert Jobson attacked the trailer for seemingly using the footage as an example of press intrusion, stating that it was taken during an official royal event that a small group of reporters had been given permission to attend.

“We were covering an official visit where they had taxpayer funded protection and all the trappings,” Jobson said in a follow-up tweet. “This is just nonsense. The palace was not part of some ‘set up’. No conspiracy here, just lies, and misuse of photos taken from [official photographs].”

Chris Ship, a royal reporter for ITV, agreed with Jobson, retweeting his fellow journalist’s remarks and adding that the access granted to the small media group was “highly controlled.”

When a Twitter user replied to Jobson that “[the footage is] not meant to be literal, it just conveys the vibe, chill,” Ship responded, “Truth is also important.”

In fact, many royal family fans pointed out that neither trailer actually shows Harry or Meghan being targeted by the press, as they describe in the trailer’s voiceovers. In fact, some pointed out the irony of Monday’s trailer including two different shots of Catherine, the Princess of Wales, (then known as royal girlfriend Kate Middleton) being followed down a street by members of the press. It fails to show any video of Meghan or Harry in a similar situation.

Harry & Meghan consists of six episodes and will be released in two parts, Netflix said Monday. The first three episodes are out on Thursday; the final three will drop Dec. 15.

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