Walt Disney World Tweeted “1939 Was A Vibe” And Deleted It After Everyone Pointed Out That It Was The Beginning Of World War II

The tweet, which was up for five days before finally being removed, seemed to be forgetting one major event that suggests 1939 wasn’t quite so magical for much of the world: the beginning of World War II. Under Hitler’s rule, Nazi Germany launched its campaign of conquest starting with the invasion of Poland in September of that year. From 1939 to 1945, up to 85 million people worldwide would die, including millions of Jews who were targeted and persecuted across Europe.

Naturally, those with a better grasp of history took umbrage with the tweet.

“Poland was not consulted,” one commentator wrote.

“I honestly think this [is] down to some historically illiterate millennial in whose mind the war began with Pearl Harbour,” another person wrote.

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