We Took A Hard Look Inside India’s “Well Of Death”

Karmila Purba, 23, is an Indonesian daredevil who performs in the Well of Death. BuzzFeed News asked Purba, also known as Princess Tong Setan, which translates to Barrel Devil, a few questions with the aid of a language translator app. She used to be a street performer singing for money, which is how she met some Well of Death participants. To help support her family, she got involved and loved the thrill. Purba said that learning the act is difficult and gives new performers a headache, but over time the dizziness subsides.

As a woman in the world of stunt work, Purba has had to overcome negativity about her choice of career. She said that because she’s a woman, critics say she shouldn’t be participating.

“But I don’t care what they say because I live for myself and my family,” she said. “[When I am driving] I feel like I’m free to express myself. I enjoy doing it.” ●

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