Yes, Prince Charles Actually Did Breakdance In Public And There's Video

Here’s an excerpt from the Press Association story about what when down:

After chatting to many of the youngsters, the Prince went to their disco, where the darkened room, flashing lights and noise were a problem for royal security men.

Scantily clad dummies of girls hung in cages around the room as the Prince watched the dancing.

Then, blonde 20-year-old Nikki Rutland approached the Prince and said “Excuse me, sir, would you like to dance?”

“Yes,” replied the sombre-suited Prince, who went on to the dance floor asking, “What sort of music do you call this?”

“Disco music, sir,” replied Nikki, as they danced together. Nikki’s verdict afterwards: “He was quite good.”

Dwayne Smith, 21, from Ireland, who was giving a display of break-dancing with two other youths, persuaded an at first reluctant Prince to join them.

“He said “No’ he could not do it, but I said “Come on’,” Dwayne said. “He asked me to give him some dancing lessons.”

“He’s very good. He got his foot movements right.”

A photographer snapped a picture of Smith’s dance lesson with the future king:

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